Feature with Blossom Street Journal

Come step into my colorful world where every brushstroke tells a story of North Carolina's beauty and the joy of creation. My journey as an artist started with a nudge from a high school teacher who saw something special in me. Even though I didn't major in art, painting has always been my passion, inspired by the stunning landscapes that surround me.

Check out this amazing article that dives into my art and journey! It'll take you behind the scenes of my sunny studio, and show you how I draw inspiration from the mountains and beaches of my home state. You'll get a glimpse of my unique painting style that I have been growing in over the past few years.

Join me as I share my love for North Carolina and the joy of creating art with the world. From collaborations with fellow artists to the simple pleasure of painting, you'll see how my passion shines through in every piece. Read the article HERE. Hope you enjoy! 

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