Podcast Interview with Let the Good Talk Roll


It was such a pleasure to be interviewed by Natalie Steuer of Let the Good Talk Roll Podcast, I hope you enjoy this episode where we cover some of the following topics: 


1. Taking the Leap from Your Day Job

During our conversation, I shared the story of how I made the decision to become a self-employed artist. It was a little scary step, but I am so thankful it has worked out the way that it has! I reflected on the process of making this step, as well as offered some encouragement to artists who are thinking about making a switch.

2. Discovering My Artistic Technique

We delved into my artistic technique that defines my work. By blending contemporary impressionism with abstract shapes inspired by stained glass, I create a pieces that have a distinct style. I explained how my love for natural landscapes is reflected in my choice of vibrant and pastel colors, bringing joy into your home! It was an opportunity to share the evolution and experimentation that led me to find my artistic voice.

3. The Influence of Social Media

We also discussed the role of social media in the art world. I shared my experiences and insights on how platforms like TikTok and Instagram can be powerful tools for artists to connect with a wider audience, build a supportive community, and showcase their work. We explored the potential of digital platforms in expanding artistic reach and forging collaborations, highlighting the importance of embracing these tools as part of an artist's professional practice.


Thank you for joining me on this exploration of my artistic journey. I hope you feel encouraged by this episode and are able to learn alongside me through it!!

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