Podcast Interview with the Art Coaching Club


Juggling a full-time job and working as an artist

One of the biggest things to make this happen is time management, and planning out my week in advance. Art is a way for me to relax and is very fulfilling to me, but it also takes a lot of creative energy. I sometimes will stack activities to maximize my time. For instance, sometimes I will listen to podcasts or audiobooks while exercising. I am honestly the worst multitasker - but it is doable if one of the activities is kind of mindless! 


Pros and Cons of having to balance a 9-5 and side hustle

Doing art on the side as opposed to full-time can change the way your business grows. It definitely can make the growth slower, but can also allow you to set up systems and processes that will make things go smoother as you scale. Another pro to starting off with a 9-5 is that it takes the pressure off what you're creating, and allows you to have more freedom of discovery. You are not bound to the pressure of creating a living off your work, so you can make the things that speak to you and not the voices that influence you. However, not being able to devote yourself to your practice can definitely make you miss out on opportunities and inhibit other areas of growth. 

Using goals to guide my decisions

One way I keep myself headed in the direction I want to go is by goal setting. I look at where I want to be and the steps that will take me to that destination. For instance, one of my goals last year was to continue to develop and hone in on my personal style. I decided to not accept many commissions because it was a priority to use my time to discover my own voice and vision and not that of others. 


Everyone has their own path

This is the journey I am on, and the things I have been learning along the way. Everyone has their own set of circumstances, goals, and opportunities that can change the way your business grows and operates. I hope you enjoy the interview I did with Hayley to hear more about where I am on my path! 

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