Abundance Mindset

One thing I have been trying to reflect on recently is any of the ways that I have been operating out of a scarcity mindset vs. an abundance mindset. 

Have you ever felt the weight of competition bearing down on you, as if there's not enough room for everyone to thrive? 
Or perhaps you've found yourself consumed by worries about money, success, or the fear of others surpassing you
Sometimes we can get caught in the rut that there are not enough collectors, instagram followers, ideas for paintings, or opportunities for us in the art world because everyone else is getting there before we can.
These feelings are not uncommon; they stem from what is known as a scarcity mindset, a belief that resources are limited and success is a zero-sum game.
I want to invite you to join me in reframing our mindsets to think in terms of abundance instead of scarcity.
An abundance mindset is the belief that there are plenty of resources, opportunities, and success to go around for everyone. It's about shifting our perspective from scarcity to abundance, from competition to collaboration.
By adopting an abundance mindset, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities. Instead of viewing others' success as a threat, we see it as inspiration. We understand that there is enough success to go around and that by lifting others up, we also elevate ourselves.
We need to believe that we were created with unique and valuable talents and that we can trust that we don't need to hoard our money, talents, or time. We can be open handed with these resources that have been given to us to serve others and share with the world! (I need all of these reminders for myself every day!) 
I invite you to join me on reflecting on this and observing how we could potentially adopt an abundance mindset in our lives. 
Cover image credit to Jamey Price
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