Free Lightroom Presets for Artists

How to Install and Use the Presets

1. Download the PresetsCLICK HERE to grab your free Lightroom presets.

2. Installation: Once downloaded, open Adobe Lightroom. In the Develop module, find the "Presets" panel on the left side. Right-click on the "User Presets" folder and choose "Import." Locate the downloaded preset files and click "Import."

3. Application: Load an image into Lightroom and navigate to the "Develop" module. On the left panel, under "Presets," you'll find the newly imported presets. Simply click on one of the presets to see the instant transformation on your image. Fine-tune the adjustments to suit your artistic vision.

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3 Free Lightroom Presets

for Artists

Attention, artists! Elevate your photo editing game with this gift – 3 free, beautifully crafted Lightroom presets specifically tailored for artists. These presets have been artfully designed to seamlessly enhance photos of your art, studio scenes, and artist portraits.