Collection: Blooms 2021

My first series ever!! This has been so exciting to work on and see how it came together. This past year, I have discovered a love for gardening! I have SO much to learn, but I think it Is so rewarding to see how so much beautiful fruit can come from nurturing a small seed! I have loved painting these flowers and learning about how they are grown and cared for in the process. 

I have grown in this style by discovering new patterns and abstract shapes and integrating them with natural forms. I started down this path by taking elements of graphic design (my full time gig) and experimenting with the lines, shadows and textures to create unique pieces. 

I use imaginative color and impressionistic brush strokes to create pieces that are bold and beautiful! I hope to share the joy I have through my paintings, and help create a bright spot in your home. I hope you enjoy them!